Human, plant and animal health

SSAFE works on improving human, plant and animal health and well-being

Strengthening Mozambique’s Veterinary Public Health Services

Project Objectives

Facilitation of dialogue to develop a Public Private Partnership between the emerging animal agriculture sector and government services in Mozambique in order to protect animal and public health and improve livelihoods

Project Partners

SSAFE, TechnoServe, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Mozambique Agriculture Ministry Veterinary Services, Cargill, local industry stakeholders

Project Benefits

  • Strengthened Community Poultry Vaccination program to be more effective
  • Fostered National Veterinary Services to partner with provincial governments and private stakeholders in non-traditional ways leveraging the interests of emerging private-sector integrated poultry companies
  • Community vaccinators, Veterinary Services, the poultry sector and non-agricultural businesses established a network to enhance poultry health surveillance in light of emerging threats of H5N1 Avian Influenza and pandemic concerns

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