There was music and everyone was having a good time

If you are facing what looks to you to be a lost cause, listen to the Spirit before deciding to give up. And re evaluate. May be that parts need to die, but not the whole. “It blew us away but she was always concerned about everyone else.”That’s who she was. She made time for everybody else.”Tennessee reacts to the death of Coach Pat SummittOver the next few years Shelley, a longtime head coach at the Webb School, would take long walks with her former head coach discussing everything from basketball to life.”She told me that I have to be myself and believe in what you’re doing,” Shelley said.Katie signed on to play for MTSU in 2014 where she’s now playing for coaches who were close to Summitt; head coach Rick Insell and assistant coach Shalon Pillow, who played for Summitt from 1998 2002.”(Summitt) was one of the first people to come and congratulate me,” Katie said. “It meant a lot.”One of the greatest compliments she gave me was that I played like my mom.”For Shelley, seeing her daughter come to MTSU where she knew Katie would be coached by Insell was a blessing.”It all kind of came full circle,” Shelley said.

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