SSAFE Lecture Series in Food Crime Prevention

SSAFE has been at the forefront of developing tools and solutions to help the food sector prevent Food Crime. The success of our Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment tool is a testament of how, through the development of effective tools, we help the industry reduce its exposure to food crime. To further enhance this work SSAFE has collaborated with five leading experts in Food Crime Prevention to develop a lecture series on Food Fraud, Food Defense and Food Integrity. Through a series of short videos, each of the experts take you on a journey to help you better understand what food crime is and what you can do to help protect your business and yourself. We would like to thank the experts for giving their time to help develop a better understanding of what food crime is and what we can do both individually and collectively to reduce and prevent it.


  • Free learning
  • Learn from globally recognized leading experts
  • Short, easy to follow videos
  • Applicable to any food business anywhere
  • Provides actionable recommendations

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John Spink

on Food Fraud

In this series you will learn what food fraud is and its history, how it relates to risk management, how to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate against them, and why this is important for businesses and consumers.

Jason Bashura

on Food Protection

In this series you will learn about the history and foundation of Food Defense, why it is important, see some case studies, why collaboration is important to strengthen food defense, and an overview of food defense in FSMA.

Neal Fredrickson

on Food Defense

In this series you will get an in-depth look into food defense, which requirements (regulatory and otherwise) you need to be aware of, how this topic is evolving, how to create defense plans and what the future holds.

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Wim Huisman

on Food Criminology

In this series you will learn how and why crime in food occurs, and provide some techniques to try to neutralize it.

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Chris Elliott

on Food Integrity

In this series you will learn about each of the Seven Principles of Food Integrity; food should be safe, nutritious, authentic, ethically and sustainably produced, and protect and respect the planet and people.

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