SSAFE has been working diligently over the past 20 years to strengthen the safe supply and trade of food around the world. Our Board Members are key to that success so in October 2022 we asked our members (recognized leaders from across the food sector) why they love their job, why their work is so important, and why they support SSAFE. Enjoy the videos!

Quincy Lissaur (EN)

Executive Director of SSAFE

Himanshu Gupta

Corporate Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager

Ann Marie Carillo

Director, Global Supply Quality CI&S

Randal Giroux

VP Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory

Adrian Sharpe

VP Global Supply Quality

Monique Pellegrino

VP, Chief Food Safety Officer

Jason Richardson

Global Quality and Food Safety Director

Tom Ford

Vice President Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Cindy Jiang

Senior Director, Global Food Safety Risk Management, Global Supply Chain

Chris McCrystal

Global Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Quincy Lissaur (NL)

Executive Director of SSAFE

Quincy Lissaur (ES)

Executive Director of SSAFE