Food fraud is a growing issue facing the food industry today, especially in the current challenging economic times and with food supply becoming ever more global. Whereas the driver might be economic gain, food fraud incidents can lead to a serious public health threat. Therefore the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a key partner of SSAFE, has recently included new requirements in its Guidance Document that require organizations to have a documented food fraud vulnerability assessment procedure in place and implement measures to mitigate against the identified vulnerabilities.

In response, and in order to support the entire food industry, SSAFE has developed a FREE TOOL to help any food business, irrespective of size or geographic location, identify how they may be vulnerable to fraudulent activity and prepare mitigation plans, and can be used to determine the vulnerability of an ingredient, product, or your entire company.

Although the tool is made available for free to the user, SSAFE’s members and it’s partners dedicated more than 18 months and significant financial resources to develop this science-based tool. Working in partnership with the University of Wageningen RIKILT and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we have prepared a robust, flexible, easy to use tool that has already been downloaded  by 50,000+ users in a variety of languages.

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The excel tool is free of charge and available in 10 languages
The tool is science-based, having been developed with leading academia and consulted on with leaders from industry, regulators, consultants, and intergovernmental organizations
The tool helps companies implement the new GFSI requirements
The tool aligns with other tools that help fight food fraud
The tool is applicable to any type of food business irrespective of size or geographical location
The tool can be applied all the way along the food supply chain, from animal feed and primary production to manufacturing and catering
The tool can be used to assess vulnerabilities to fraud at an ingredient, product, brand, facility, country or company wide level
The tool produces a report that the user can include with their Food Safety Management System documentation
The tool is available in 10 languages: including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Russian
The tool DOES NOT provide specific mitigation techniques

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