The journey to world-class food safety practices starts with building a strong food safety culture within a food business. Leaders set the example by demonstrating the right behaviors and empowering their employees.

To help companies on their journey, SSAFE has partnered with TSI to develop a free tool that identifies strengths and weaknesses in the “People”component of their food safety culture as seen in the model to the right.

This free starter tool is targeted at small and medium size companies around the world but can also be applied to large multinationals as a first step. It takes the users through a series of 15 questions and is available in 55 languages and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

How it works

Once a food safety leader signs up for the tool they will receive a link to the survey that they need to share with the team members they want to participate. When all team members have completed the assessment, the food safety leader closes out the assessment and will be able to see the two best performing areas and two worst performing areas of the “People” component of their Food Safety Culture.

To access the tool, please CLICK HERE.

What next

It is helpful to use the tool multiple times (every 6-12 months) to see whether the company’s performance is improving. Then, as the company’s food safety culture matures, we recommend users migrate to the full (premium) CultureExcellence tool to perform a more complete food safety culture assessment on all four elements of a strong food safety culture: People, Process, Purpose and Proactivity. For more information please visit

Finally, SSAFE is also co-sponsoring the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS 320 – A practical guide to a culture of food safety, expected to be published in the second half of 2021. For more information on this work please CLICK HERE.



Free science-based tool
Strengthen food safety
Available in 55 languages
Assess key features of a company’s food safety culture
Applicable to any food business irrespective of size, type or geographic location
Enabled for benchmarking

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